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REVO CARLISLE,Gold,Champagne

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Your Price: $349.00
REVO Part Number: RE 1030 04 GCH
Catalog Number: 796764633270
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Carlisle is Revo's premier Windsor-rim sunglass. The classic aviator frame is wrapped in rich brown leather and comes with Revo high-contrast polarized Crystal lenses. With its flattering shape and luxe details, Carlisle is a Revo classic in the making.


REVO High-Contrast Polarized Crystal Lenses:

- Scratch-resistant and ground and polished to almost the same standard as a camera lens

6-Base Lens Technology:

- More flat fit relative to your face

REVO Light Management System (LMS):

- Manages the full spectrum of light, including blue light and high-energy visible (HEV) light
- Filters out harmful light, while selectively allowing light that is helpful for vision
- All lenses feature Digital Polarized Plus technology for 100% polarization to protect against glare, while still allowing you to view devices, watches, phones, etc.

REVO Surface Pro Protection System

- REVO Exclusion Mittor Coating: 3-6 layers of high-tech, performance mirror coatings based on NASA lens technology used for satellite protection
- REVO Back-Surface Protection Coating: 5 layers of protective coatings that help reduce intrusive back-surface reflections
- Authentic REVO Hydrophobic Coating: Permanent coating on the back of the lens that repels water and sweat
- Authentic REVO Oleophobic Coating: Permanent coating on the front of the lens that repels oil and fingerprints


- Measurements: 61-14-135
- Lens Type: Crystal
- Lens Color: Champagne
- Frame Color: Gold
- Frame Style: Aviator

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