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Rawlings TRIO Bat
Rawlings Adult Baseball BBTRI3

Rawlings TRIO Bat

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Rawlings Adult Baseball Bat BBCOR Approved BBTRIO
Rawlings Part Number: BBTRI3
Catalog Number: BBTRI3
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Introducing the TRIO, a three-piece hybrid, blending a Comp Lite Endcap, 5150 Alloy, and a composite handle for ultra low MOI and increased barrel flex. Rawlings is out to prove that they truly are on the cutting edge of BBCOR design technology. The original 5150 Alloy BBCOR was one of the first BBCOR bats to hit the market, yet it achieved uncommon staying power and popularity for years after its release. That's because players barely noticed a difference in performance, swing weight, and durability from their BESR bat. Now that Rawlings has had a chance to perfect the design even further, this year's TRIO is sure to be even more popular! The unique feel offered by Rawlings' BBCOR bats is made possible through Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) Barrel Technology that isolates extra weight to a smaller region of the bat, translating into extra swing speed. Made from the ultra-responsive 5150 Alloy, this three-piece design also features Rawlings' proprietary Bi/fusion process that joins the Comp-Lite end cap to the 5150 Alloy frame to give it more durability and more pop in one single, solitary unit. With a 7/8 Inch tapered handle and premium synthetic grip, the TRIO End-Load will feel incredible in your hands. Rawlings: The New Standard of Speed! The TRIO End-Load is BBCOR Certified and legal for high school and collegiate play.

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