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Remote Control Mojo Mallard
Mojo Mallard Drake Decoy
This Remote Control MOJO Mallard with multi-cycle remote features the MOJO Drake Decoy with the new magnetic PVC wing design, which allows the wings spin faster, quieter, and give longer battery life. The support pole has also been replaced with a quieter, more user friendly version. The decoy has a factory installed Multi-Cycle remote control, battery holder, charging port for easy charging, and an adapter for charging the battery outside of the decoy. The multi-cycle remote control adds a very real sense of movement to your MOJO decoy, by providing several settings which include :  on/off, 6 seconds on/16 seconds off, 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, and 2 seconds on/20 seconds off.  It operates from a distance of up to 350 feet.

Remote Programming Manual

Remote Control Mojo Mallard

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  • Full-Size Mallard Drake decoy
  • 4-ft support pole
  • 6 volt battery
  • 6 volt charger
  • Charging adapter
  • Factory installed Multi-Cycle Remote Control

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