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Rocky AlphaForce Shoe
Rocky AlphaForce Oxford Shoe

Rocky AlphaForce Shoe

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Rocky AlphaForce Oxford Shoe FQ0002168
Rocky Brands Part Number: FQ0002168
Catalog Number: FQ0002168
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 The key feature of the 2168 Work Boot is its Rocky Waterproof construction. It combines a waterproof inner layer with the upper providing a barrier that helps keep water out and feet dry.

A key additional comfort feature of the 2168 is its contoured removable polyurethane cushion insole providing direct underfoot cushion comfort. The polyurethane material used in its insole is known for its cushioning while not bottoming out features. Some open celled foams feel very comfortable to the initial touch, but will tend to break down faster than a product made with polyurethane. Plus, it is extra thick in the heel contact area. This provides additional underfoot comfort to the wearer.
In addition to its waterproof construction and underfoot cushioning, Rocky 2168 also has a lightweight bottom construction feature to it. If you are seeking footwear that will help keep your feet dry and cushioned plus dealing with less stress and strain because of its lightweight nature, the Rocky 2168 work shoe could be what you are seeking.
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