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Rocky Arid Light Pants
Rocky Arid Light Cargo Pant

Rocky Arid Light Pants

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Rocky Arid Light Cargo Pant 603206
Rocky Brands Part Number: 603206
Catalog Number: 603206
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The polyester ripstop fabric that was used to create these Rocky Arid Light cargo pants is terrific at resisting abrasions. Apart from its phenomenal durability, you will appreciate that it is also an extremely lightweight, breathable and soft material that will keep you feeling comfortable and cool. The comfort stretch waistband helps these cargo pants fit tremendously well and allows you to move comfortably.

Whether you’re nestled up in your tree stand, or hunkered down on the ground, wearing camouflage clothing certainly makes a significant impact on how well you are able to hide your presence outdoors. Rocky recognizes the important of this and has designed this hunting wear in two camo patterns; you have the option of Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity® or Realtree® AP™ (shown in the picture). This way you will be able to wear camo that looks true-to-life and it will correspond nicely with the rest of your hunting gear.

It is one thing for animals not to be able to see you, but knowing how in tune they are with their sense of smell makes it critical to wear hunting gear with scent control. These cargo pants have been treated with Rocky SIQ Atomic™; it prevents odors from being released and is brilliant at controlling perspiration. So, even on the hottest of days, wildlife won’t even know you’re there.

Hunting apparel can be purchased anywhere. What makes these #603206 Rocky Arid Light Cargo Pants different is the fabric (breathable, lightweight, durable), the realistic-looking camo and the powerful scent control. Although, you can’t fully appreciate how great they are until you wear them… so get yourself a pair today!
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