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Rocky Aztec Boots
Rocky Kids Aztec Pull-On Boot

Rocky Aztec Boots

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Rocky Kids Aztec Pull-On Boot FQ0003638
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Close your eyes and think back to when you were little. Life seemed so much simpler then, didn't it? You wanted to run around outside, get dirty rolling down the hill with your friends and see who could climb the highest on your favorite tree. While at school you counted down the hours, which seemed like an eternity, until you could go outside and play. Now that you have a little one, you realize that  they  are exactly like you were at that age and what  they  are  going to need is a pair of these #3638 Rocky Kid's Aztec Pull-On Wellington Boots.

The upper has been crafted from full-grain leather; apart from its fantastic durability, you will appreciate how delightfully smooth the leather is because that makes these Rocky kid's boots amazingly comfortable to wear. Also, the brown hue is very appealing and can be paired with any outfit easily.

In order for the wearer to be able to pull these boots on with absolute ease, Rocky positioned pull straps directly beside the boot's opening. Inside, the shaft lining is outstandinly soft, protects the interior from experiencing as much wear and tear, as well as preventing the footwear from chafing the child's legs.

Another great detail on these #3638 boots is the exclusive Rocky Aztec outsole, which has been made from a combination of rubber and polyurethane. It is very comfortable to stand on, particularly durable, provides good traction and is quite flexible.

Considering how comfortable, durable and good looking these #3638 Rocky Aztec kid's boots are, you should really consider getting your child a pair today!
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