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Rocky Bearclaw Kids Boots
Rocky Kids BearClaw 3D

Rocky Bearclaw Kids Boots

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Rocky Boys Kids BearClaw 3D FQ0003627
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When your little one is ready to go hunting with dad, wants to explore the woods in your backyard, or needs a boot to keep his feet warm while romping around in the snow… this Rocky Kid’s BearClaw 3D Outdoor Boot (#3627) is ideal for him!

The boot’s upper is remarkably durable and strong, perfect for any little one. There is hardy nylon underneath the Mossy Oak Break-Up® camouflage print, and full-grain leather trim completes the look.

When the temperature gets rather off-putting for any adult, is when kids want to be outside playing the most. To keep his feet warm and protected from the cold, this BearClaw boot was built with 1,000 grams of Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation. Rocky waterproof construction will ensure that these kid’s boots remain dry.

Durability and a sturdy base that will let them keep moving forward are vital features, which is why this kid’s boot was crafted with Rocky 3D welt construction and a BearClaw 3D outsole.
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