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Rocky IronClad Boots
Rocky IronClad Work Boot

Rocky IronClad Boots

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Rocky IronClad Waterproof Work Boots FQ0005696
Rocky Brands Part Number: FQ0005696
Catalog Number: FQ0005696
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With its Rocky waterproof construction, this IronClad work boot will keep your feet dry and comfortable. This feature allows you to be more productive at work; instead of concentrating on the discomfort that comes along with walking around in wet footwear, you will be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Plus, the boot's water resistance will aid in preserving the interior, because it will not be subjected to water damage constantly.

The Air-Port footbed will keep your feet so comfortable that you'll be able to power through the day with ease. This cushioning insert will have a gentling effect on your feet; it'll not only comfort and support your feet, but the polyurethane material allows this insert to be shock absorbing.

The lightweight EVA midsole provides flexibility and supplementary shock absorption.

Implanted into the IronClad outsole, the tempered steel shank is responsible for providing stable footing, as well as making support available to your foot's arch. During which time, the 7-layer oil and slip-resistant IronClad outsole delivers support and softens your steps.

While this Rocky IronClad is a remarkably good-looking brown work boot, you will be transfixed by its durability and comfort levels. You work hard, your feet deserved to be mollycoddled, get a pair for yourself straightaway.
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