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Rocky IronClad Waterproof Boots
Rocky IronClad Waterproof Work Boot

Rocky IronClad Waterproof Boots

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Rocky IronClad Waterproof Work Boots FQ0005693
Rocky Brands Part Number: FQ0005693
Catalog Number: FQ0005693
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What distinguishes this classic-looking work boot from the rest? The hardiness and comfort that stems from this IronClad Waterproof Work Boot (#5693) will surpass all of your expectations. Whether you're heading for the jobsite or not, you'll want to lace-up these boots each morning.

This masculine-looking boot was constructed with supple, hard-wearing brown leather. Its full-length tongue prevents dirt and rocks from making contact with the interior of these boots. There is also a collar that goes around the top of the boot to provide comfort.

As a result of them being built with Rocky waterproof construction, these IronClad work boots will keep your legs and feet completely dry.

You should always aspire for comfort; as you walk on top of the Rocky Air-Port footbed your feet will be in total bliss. The cushioning and support that comes from this polyurethane insert is so unbelievably comforting, but it is also great for shock absorption.

This IronClad work boot has an exceedingly durable tempered steel shank; this feature provides stability, support and comfort to these boots. To give these leather boots flexibility and padding, Rocky has constructed a lightweight EVA midsole into them. On the bottom, there is a sturdy 7-layer oil and slip-resistant outsole. Often the lowermost part of a boot gets overlooked; this IronClad is durable, comfortable and dependable from top to bottom.

If you are looking for hardy footwear that will ease discomfort and offer you waterproof protection, this 8"  Rocky IronClad work boot is a sound investment! The Rocky logo, text, graphics, and photo images are the property of Rocky Brands, Inc. and are used with permission. Copyright © 2017

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