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Rocky Kids Aztec Boots
Rocky Kids Aztec Wellington Boot

Rocky Kids Aztec Boots

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Rocky Kid's Aztec Wellington Boot FQ0003639
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Some children like to stay inside and play board games, while others practically live outside. If you have a child who is no stranger to climbing trees, knows how high the creek can rise, and is knowledgeable of the woods around them… your child needs to be wearing these Rocky Kid's Aztec Wellington Boots (#3639).

This kid’s Aztec boot has been constructed from a combination of materials, so that it will have a just like dad’s kind of style. The authentic-looking Mossy Oak Break-Up® camouflage has been placed on top of sturdy nylon, which adds more durability to this boot. The foot is made up of Crazy Horse leather, and will feel soft against their little hands.

One major benefit for kids is that this Rocky Aztec is a pull-on boot. They will not have to constantly tie and fuss with laces; they can just pull them on and be outdoors right away.

They will be walking on the Aztec outsole; it makes this a great outdoors boot for kids, because it has been created to give them traction as they walk on loose terrain and it absorbs impact.

If you think your child spends more time outdoors than the deer, this is the perfect boot!
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