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Rocky Kids Hunting Boots
Rocky Kids Hunting Waterproof Insulated Boot

Rocky Kids Hunting Boots

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Rocky Kids Hunting Waterproof Insulated Boot FQ0003710
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Catalog Number: FQ0003710
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This Rocky kid's outdoor boot is styled to resemble and be just as durable as an adult's hunting boot. The upper has been crafted from a combination of brown split-suede leather, extraordinarily-strong nylon (900 Denier) and it has a Mossy Oak® InfinityTM camouflage print so that they can blend in with the woods. The kid's boot also has a lace-up design on its upper, this will make their feet feel secure within the footwear and allow them to adjust the fit.

In the past you would worry about your child coming into contact with puddles, wet grass, creeks, or even snow because you feared that their boots would end up getting soaked. This kid's boot is little different; it has been made with Rocky waterproof construction, which serves as a guarantee that these boots will remain completely dry.

During the colder months of the year, you'll love that your child is wearing this footwear because it has 800 grams of ThinsulateTM Ultra Insulation. The insulation is lightweight, so it won't weigh the boots down or disrupt the fit, but your child's feet will be kept warm while they are outdoors.

The TPR rubber outsole offers reliable traction, which allows your child to have stable footing as they are walking on uneven ground throughout the countryside.

With its durable materials, waterproof protection and reliable warmth, this Rocky Kid's Waterproof Insulated Outdoor Boot (#3710) is an excellent option for your child.
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