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Rocky Mens Original Ride Steel Toe Western Boot
Rocky Mens Original Ride Steel Toe Western Boot

Rocky Mens Original Ride Steel Toe Western Boot

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Rocky Mens Original Ride Western Boot
Rocky Brands Part Number: RKW0117
Catalog Number: RKW0117
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Rocky Original Ride Steel Toe Western Boots have superior comfort, built with the 8-Layer Rocky Ride Comfort System, and provide a protective toe.

The Comfort System was designed with attention to detail so that every part and layer offers additional comfort, from the orthotic element to the outsole. When you wear these comfortable cowboy boots, you can work, walk or stand all day.

In addition to comfort, you get other quality materials. These brown cowboy boots are made from full-grain leather and are 11-inches tall. These are square toe boots.

Durable all-around welt construction and double-row welt stitch provide additional longevity and strength to these boots for men.

These are the comfortable western boots you want!

Details of the 8-Layer Comfort System:

Layers One and Two of the eight-layer system are the orthotic form and rear foot cradle. Layer Three is an upper enclosed cushion. The top layer is cushioned and perforated. After wearing your western work boots for a while, this layer forms to the contours of your foot!

Layer Four is a welt innersole with a Flex Facilitator. This gives your boots super flexibility. Next, there's the full-length EVA midsole. That's Layer Five. It absorbs shock, but is really lightweight.

Layer Six is the double-ribbed tempered steel shank. It provides stability and extends the life of the boots. Layer Seven is the forefoot propulsion pad and rear foot landing pad. This is a unique two-part highly-cushioned system that increases three things: shock absorption, flexibility and comfort.

Finally, check out Layer Eight. The Rocky Ride Outsole is a rubber work platform outsole that is oil-resistant and provides secure footing. The forefoot and rear section have a softer density to give you sure-footed traction.
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