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Rocky Mens Paraboots
Rocky Men's Zipper Paraboot Duty Boot

Rocky Mens Paraboots

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Rocky Men's Zipper Paraboot Duty Boots FQ0002090
Rocky Brands Part Number: FQ0002090
Catalog Number: FQ0002090
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The exterior on this Rocky Men’s Paraboot has an adequate amount of durability and ruggedness so that it is able withstand the most unforgiving working conditions. The upper has been built from premium full-grain black leather. These 10-inch duty boots have a side zipper that aids in getting them on/off rapidly. In addition to these features, there is a polishable toe so that you can keep these boots looking like they are in tiptop shape.

A great deal of the paraboot’s strength can be attributed to its Goodyear welt construction. Eventually, all duty boots begin to wear down; with this construction, these boots can be repaired with no trouble and they’ll revert back to their original hardiness.

The contoured EVA footbed provides cushioning that will pacify your achy feet, and will make standing a much more comfortable experience.

You will have more stability as a result of the stabilizer, because it is nonmetallic you will not have to remove your footwear or be delayed around scanners or sensitive equipment. The black rubber lug outsole provides dependable traction; this is especially beneficial when you are walking on uneven terrain.
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