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Rocky Mens Venator Camo Fleece Beanie Hat
Rocky Mens Venator Camo Fleece Beanie Hat

Rocky Mens Venator Camo Fleece Beanie Hat

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Rocky Mens Fleece Beanie Hat
Rocky Brands Part Number: HW00163
Catalog Number: HW00163
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This Rocky® Venator™ Camo Fleece Beanie Hat is a great hunting hat or winter hat for men.

Rocky made this camo cap from 100-percent polyester smooth face fleece. You get stretch and warmth together. Looking for the best hat to keep your ears warm? This knit hat has a double layer of fleece over the ears. Ignore the brisk autumn wind or fierce winter wind in this men's hat because it won't penetrate this hat and get to your ears.

While the beanie is warm, you don't have to worry about getting a sweaty head that will make you uncomfortable or give you sweaty hair. The material of this cap is moisture-wicking to pull sweat away from your head. You won't sweat in this hat!

This men's camo hat has Rocky Venator™ camouflage. Rocky designed this as a universal camouflage pattern. It takes cues from the plains, forest, hills and mountains of the western United States. Wear this beanie cap in a variety of locations "” from barren, rocky scrubland to heavily-wooded areas.

For more concealment, Rocky gave this men's hunting hat scent control. Rocky Scent IQ Atomic™ technology destroys human scent at the microbial level. It doesn't just mask your scent; it actually kills it so it's not detected by animals in the area.

This makes a great hunting hat, but works just as well on any cold day no matter what you have planned. It stays securely on your head and can't blow off like a ball cap that doesn't cover your ears anyway.

Don't wear just any hat. Get a camo hat designed to keep you warm and stealthy on the hunt. Get this Rocky Venator camo beanie.
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