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Rocky Mens Venator Long Sleeve Thermal Tee
Rocky Mens Venator Long Sleeve Thermal Tee

Rocky Mens Venator Long Sleeve Thermal Tee

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Rocky Mens Venator Thermal Tee
Rocky Brands Part Number: HW00161
Catalog Number: HW00161
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The Rocky® Venator™ Long-Sleeve Thermal Tee can be worn hunting or just as a casual shirt. The long-sleeve t-shirt combines comfort with hunting apparel technology.

Rocky packed this thermal shirt with technology. At first glance you may notice only that it's a poly/wool fleece blend for comfort, warmth and stretch. But there's so much more! The material has Dri-Release® technology with FreshGuard. It's moisture-wicking to pull sweat away from your skin. It's fast-drying "” up to four times faster than cotton. FreshGuard prevents odor from developing. This comfortable shirt also holds its shape and retains this technology because it's built-in rather than achieved by added chemicals or treatments.

This black shirt has Rocky Venator™ camouflage side panels and camo on the inner sleeves. Rocky designed this camo pattern as a universal camo. It was inspired by the plains, forest, hills and mountains of the western United States. Wear this camo shirt in a variety of locations "” from barren, rocky scrubland to heavily-wooded areas.

Those camo side panels aren't just for show. They actually are breathable side panels for the high-heat zones of your body.

For more concealment, Rocky gave this men's hunting shirt scent control. Rocky Scent IQ Atomic™ technology destroys human scent at the microbial level. It doesn't just mask your scent; it actually kills it so it's not detected by animals in the area.

This shirt is good for layering under your camo hunting jacket or coat. And after a day of hunting, the shirt's technology will have prevented you from becoming sweaty or smelly. Go directly out to dinner without having to change clothes.

Don't wear just any long-sleeve shirt. Wear a shirt with technology that keeps you comfortable and helps you perform your best. Get this Rocky Venator shirt.
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