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Rocky Rain Jacket
Rocky MaxProtect Rainwear Jacket

Rocky Rain Jacket

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Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Rainwear Jacket 621100
Rocky Brands Part Number: 621100
Catalog Number: 621100
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The shell of this #621100 Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Rainwear Jacket has been put together with polyester; the material has a four-way stretch that allows you to have outstanding freedom of motion and helps you to maintain your agility. The technology behind the waterproof fabric also generates phenomenal breathability; therefore you are able to be in extremely hot surroundings without being drenched in sweat. Being extremely breathable and lightweight allows you to wear this jacket comfortably all-day long.

Having elastic cuffs plays a major factor in providing a nice stretch, enhancing your mobility and improves the fit of this work wear. The drawcord hood with visor (can be adjusted from the back) shields your face from weather conditions, which allows you to move much more contentedly in a variety of settings. A drop tail back is another superior feature that has been constructed into the design; it prevents your backside from being exposed to harsh weather conditions – even if you bend over.

The zipper can be adjusted with ease and lets you control how much coverage you would like to receive against the conditions. A mesh-lined interior is absolutely brilliant for this men’s jacket. Having this material further enhances how lightweight and comfortable the outerwear is to wear throughout the day; it also is a very breathable material that contributes greatly to keeping you cool and refreshed.

By far, this #621100 Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Rainwear Jacket will be one of the most comfortable, lightweight and highly breathable pieces of apparel that you’ll ever own. It is an absolutely outstanding choice if you are looking for work wear, but can also be worn on a daily basis. You will get tremendous use out of this men’s jacket, so do yourself a favor and order yourself one today!
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