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Rocky Rain Pants
Rocky MaxProtect Rainwear Pant

Rocky Rain Pants

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Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Rainwear Pant 621105
Rocky Brands Part Number: 621105
Catalog Number: 621105
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These are the #621105 Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Level 3 Rainwear Pants. They have been constructed out of polyester; it is a very lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric, which is also extremely quiet – so no rustles or swish sound effects as you move throughout the day. While the rubberized snap provides an exceptional grip, you will like that it is particularly comfortable and doesn’t feel nearly as cold as metal would if it touches your skin.

A lot of men’s apparel can feel restraining, you will not find that to be the case with these R.A.M. pants. Combine the four-way stretch in the fabric with the elastic waistband and you have a pair of pants that are downright comfortable to wear; having these components also gives you the opportunity to maintain your sense of agility and allows you to move with unbelievable ease. Plus you have the belt loops, which let you to adjust how tight or relaxed you would like these bottoms to fit; if you find they fit perfectly, you can always hang gear for work or hunting on the loops.

Knowing that these men’s pants have been put together with Rocky waterproof construction is very important. The waterproofing serves as a barrier, so even when the wind is blowing hard and the rain is pouring down, you will receive optimal protection. Although what is absolutely brilliant about this technology is that external forces (rain, wind, etc.) are not able to come into contact with the interior, but internal perspiration/moisture is able to flow out of the fabric with ease.

They offer you unbeatable waterproof protection, keep perspiration off of your skin and fit outstandingly well. Whether you want to wear them for work, outdoor activities (great for hunting), or just casually throw them on to hang out in town, all men should own a pair of these #621105 Rocky Athletic Mobility MaxProtect Level 3 Rainwear Pants.
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