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Rocky Ridge Top Hiker Boots
Rocky Jasper Trac Insulated Outdoor Boot

Rocky Ridge Top Hiker Boots

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Rocky Ridge Top Gore Tex Waterproof Hiker Boot FQ0005212
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The upper of this RidgeTop Hiker has been built from full-grain leather; the material is soft to the touch but it's so durable that it is able to sustain the outdoors. The tongue will prevent small matter from getting down into the footwear and the boot's lace-up design lets you change the fit to your liking.

What distinguishes this men's Hiker from all the others on the market is its GORE-TEX® fabric. By having this particular fabric, these RidgeTop Hikers will be windproof, breathable and most importantly, waterproof. Regardless of your location and the weather conditions, this feature will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Think of how painful it is to walk barefoot up/down a road that is covered with jagged rocks, now image how much pain you would be in if you continued into the woods. The boot's EVA midsole is great; it protects your feet with its cushioning, which prevents you from feeling intense pain as you walk throughout the wilderness. Internally, there is a cushioned footbed (made from polyurethane) that will make walking in these RidgeTop Hikers all the more comfortable.

Having the LightTrac rubber outsole on the bottom of this Hiker is perfect; it is lightweight, so you won't feel as if you are being weighed down by these outdoor boots. It also provides flexibility and traction, which is great for when you're walking on uneven terrain.
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