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Rocky Silent Hunter Insulated Outdoor Boot
Rocky Silent Hunter Insulated Outdoor Boot

Rocky Silent Hunter Insulated Outdoor Boot

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Rocky Silent Hunter Outdoor Boot
Rocky Brands Part Number: RKYS114
Catalog Number: RKYS114
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Rocky® SilentHunter Waterproof Insulated Outdoor Boots have so many special features that these really are the essential hunting boots.

These boots are equipped with the Rocky Climate IQ™, a measure of rugged diversity and a promise that your gear is capable of withstanding anything that you are. With Climate IQ, a boot becomes a vital piece of equipment. Just take a look at the many IQ features that make up this footwear.

Scent IQ™ reduces human odor by destroying it at the microbial level for the ultimate concealment. Performance fabrics manage moisture by pulling sweat away from your skin.

Hydro IQ™ gives you the Rocky Waterproof system that keeps water out, but provides air circulation. Guaranteed.

Thermal IQ™ regulates your body temperature by using technologies that keep you warm, but are never cumbersome.

Equip IQ™ products exemplify how outdoor gear should fit and feel. Seam placement is engineered and reinforced for maximum range of motion. Equip IQ gives you the durability, strength and comfort that is up to any adventure.

Rocky added 200 grams of Primaloft® Insulation">Primaloft® Insulation for additional warmth as you trek through the woods or sit in your tree stand.

This footwear has even more stealth features beyond the high-performance of the Climate IQ system. The Vibram® minimalist outsole helps to quiet your footfall as you follow your prey. Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity® camouflage helps you blend with your surroundings.

The men's hunting boots, six-inches in height, are made with quality construction. The ripstop material resists abrasions, scrapes and tears that you can encounter from brush and branches. Likewise, the boots have a high-abrasion TPU toe and heel.

Despite all the thought that went into the outside construction and stealth features of these boots, comfort has not been overlooked. The men's boots have a foam footbed and a soft EVA midsole for feel.
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