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Rocky Silent Hunter Rain Pants
Rocky SilentHunter Rain Pant

Rocky Silent Hunter Rain Pants

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Rocky SilentHunter Rain Pant HW00047
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While these Rocky men’s rain pants were being assembled, Realtree Xtra™ camouflage was printed onto the SilentHunter suede fabric. The material itself has a very athletic fit, it’s incredibly smooth, is quiet enough to not cause a disturbance outdoors and feels phenomenally comfortable on. The camo looks outstandingly lifelike and helps you to better disguise yourself in wooded environments. The elastic in the waist provides freedom of motion and makes these Rocky pants even more comfortable to wear.

Rocky SIQ Atomic™ is a sensational scent control that blocks odor from being emitted into the air and stops perspiration from forming/building up on your skin. Hydro IQ technology has been put to use to ensure that these men’s pants receive complete waterproof protection and stay breathable. To prevent additional moisture from entering through the sides of this hunting apparel, Rocky taped and sealed the seams. On the inside, the extremely soft mesh lining keeps the clothing lightweight and breathable.

Waterproof apparel that has a powerful scent blocker, realistic camouflage and an athletic fit… Yep, that would be perfect for hunting! You’ll want to order these #HW00047 Rocky SilentHunter Rain Pants right away!
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