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Rocky Womens Core Boots
Rocky Womens Core Waterproof Insulated Boot

Rocky Womens Core Boots

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Rocky Womens Core Waterproof Insulated Boot RO019
Rocky Brands Part Number: RO019
Catalog Number: RO019
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The decision to construct these Rocky Core boots with a women's last was a no-brainer; you want to have on an attractive, well-fitting pair of hunting boots and building the footwear this way makes that entirely possible. The upper has been fashioned out of a few materials; there are sections of full-grain leather, a 900-denier  nylon covers the majority of the footwear (great strength and highly resistant to abrasions) and of course there is the unbelievably natural-looking Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® camouflage pattern printed on top of the textile.

Having a lace-up design on your footwear is utterly brilliant -especially when you are going to be outdoors for long periods of time-, because it allows you to adjust the fit and lets you loosen the laces if your feet begin to swell at any point throughout the day. Building these women's boots with a raised toe bumper as well as adding rubber to the toe and heel does wonders for shielding the footwear against cuts, scrapes and additional abrasions. Another exceedingly beneficial feature that could easily get overlooked is the woven Rocky pull loop on the back of these 8 " boots; you'll find that this feature helps you to get these boots on easily.

Inside, 800 grams of ThinsulateTM Ultra insulation provides you with optimal protection from the cold, but what's so marvelous about this insulation is that it doesn't make these camo boots feel bulky in the slightest. So, you will still keep your great fit, but won't feel the full impact of extremely cold temperatures. As every hunter knows, you have absolutely no control over the weather and Mother Nature doesn't always want to play nice when it's deer season (or any other hunting season for that matter); therefore, building these women's boots with Rocky Waterproof construction was imperative - it will keep your legs and feet completely dry down inside of these round-toe boots.

You will quickly come to appreciate how hardwearing the outsole is that has been attached to the bottom of these boots. Its extraordinary level of durability will impress you straightaway and you'll find that the Rocky rubber lugs improve the stability and traction of the footwear considerably. These lugs are extremely valuable to have outdoors because you are constantly walking across uneven, rough and bumpy terrain and having them allows your way of walking to remain steady.

You want to get the most out of your hunting and outdoor experiences, lacing up these #RO019 Rocky Core women's insulated waterproof boots will help you do that. Think about it, they'll fit great, keep your feet warm in miserably cold settings, deliver phenomenal waterproof protection and have an outstandingly tough outsole... This is the perfect hunting boot!
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