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Rocky Womens Oxford Shoes
Rocky Womens TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxford

Rocky Womens Oxford Shoes

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Retail Price:$169.99
Rocky Womens TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxford FQ0005101
Rocky Brands Part Number: FQ0005101
Catalog Number: FQ0005101
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Your job may not always be glamorous, but you perform a valuable service to society. To keep you going, you need to wear comfortable footwear that meets your duty shoe requirements. The Rocky Women’s TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxford (style #0005101) may be the right shoe for you.

These Rocky TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxfords will be great for you to work in due to the fact that they are US Postal Approved, Berry Compliant (made in the United States of America), durable, and are slip-resistant.

Similar to the Men’s oxford (style #0005001), you will be delighted to know that this particular duty oxford has been constructed within Rocky’s own factory.

When looking at this shoe for the first time, it is a possibility that you didn’t fall head-over-heels in love with the Rocky duty oxford. And that is ok. There are some shoes that are meant to simply wow you and end up falling apart quickly. While, these Rocky TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxford shoes will impress you with its high-quality materials that were used during the construction process, the fit, and their overall level of comfort.

The upper has been built with full-grain leather. Some people hear the word “leather” and are instantly worried, don’t be! This leather upper can easily be polished and is water-resistant.

To create an outstanding bond, between the upper and the (PU) sole, we have permanently fused the two together by a direct injection process.

You know that moment when you order a really great burger at your favorite restaurant, right as your waitress brings it over to you and you see that a pickle has been placed on the side of the plate you are instantaneously happy with your decision. That pickle represents that little extra something. Rocky has added a padded collar, and a padded leather tongue to the #0005101 duty oxford. These features work together to provide your feet with comfort (the burger), and a plus is that they will keep rocks and dirt out of your shoes (the pickle).

This oxford features a Rocky Airport footbed with Air Flow design. What does that do for you? You can think of it as a built in spa and air conditioning system for your feet. It gives you cushion with each step that you take, keeps you cool throughout your entire shift, and both of those features will leave your feet feeling very comfortable. You don’t see that being offered in the sparkly high heels.

Normally when you’re buying a duty oxford, you don’t question if it will help to control: odor, mold, fungus, and mildew. Well, thankfully this duty oxford has the AEGIS Microbe Shield® in the Airport footbed covering. So, you don’t have to think about it (or ever bring it up in a conversation) to be protected.

For support and torsion control, a non-metallic stabilizer has been built into the duty oxford.

A slip and oil resistant TMC Direct Attached TPU/PU outsole has been added to give you both stability and flexibility. These are a great oxford for you wear during your shift, and not have aching feet at the end of the day.

Even though the Rocky Women’s TMC Postal Approved Duty Oxford may not be the first shoe to catch your eye, they are comfortable, will provide an excellent fit, and most importantly they will last!
The Rocky logo, text, graphics, and photo images are the property of Rocky Brands, Inc. and are used with permission. Copyright © 2017

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