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Rocky Womens Pro Hunter Parka
Rocky Womens Prohunter Parka

Rocky Womens Pro Hunter Parka

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Rocky Women's ProHunter Waterproof Insulated Parka 602417
Rocky Brands Part Number: 602417
Catalog Number: 602417
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This Rocky ProHunter parka has been covered from top to bottom in Realtree® AP™ camouflage. It is perfect for women who like to hunt or spend a great deal of their time outdoors, because it looks incredibly lifelike and will help disguise your presence outdoors.

The front zipper is a great addition because it allows you to control how much air flows down into this jacket, which will prevent you from getting overly warm. The hood will help shield you from the elements, but since it’s removable, you always have the option of taking it off. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having two slash pockets because they can be accessed easily, but there is also a security pocket within the interior so you have a place to store items securely.

Rocky drastically altered the fit and shape of this women’s parka by assembling it with FemFit™ tailoring; this modification to the outerwear allows this garment to fit a woman’s figure properly. Other aspects that lead to this jacket fitting amazingly well are the adjustable cuffs and the drawcord waist that allows you to fine tune exactly how tight or loose you would like this parka to be.

Regardless if you are hunting or walking around outdoors on an unpleasantly cold day, you will remain perfectly warm, because this camouflage parka has been made with polyfill insulation. Another phenomenally beneficial component is that this ProHunter parka has been made with Rocky waterproof construction; it creates a watertight structure that is guaranteed to keep you dry.

This Rocky Women’s ProHunter Waterproof Insulated Parka (#602417) has fantastically concealing camouflage, it will fit your body amazingly well, its got tons of convenient features and will keep the upper half of your body warm and dry. If you have been looking for topnotch women’s outerwear, this is an excellent choice!
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