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Sawyer Products Group First Aid Kit

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Group First Aid Kit
Sawyer Products Part Number: SP926b
Catalog Number: 50716009262
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Designed for first aid use by 1-8 People for 1-7 Days, this kit is excellent for multi-person excursions, expeditions, and team sports. Includes the following items for WOUND CLEANING: Alcohol Pad- 12 each, PVP Iodine Wipe- 4 each, Antiseptic Wipe- 4 each, Ointment- 6 each, Tincture Benzoin- 4 each, Soap- 1 each. WOUND PROTECTION: 3-inch by 3-inch Gauze Pad- 4 each, 2-inch by 3-inch Gauze Pad- 4 each, Mini/Junior Strips (2 Strips of 5)- 10 each, Knuckle Bandage- 4 each, Extra Large Bandage- 2 each, Fingertip Bandage- 4 each, Petrolatum Gauze- 1 each, Eye Pad- 2 each, Abdominal Pad (Compress)- 2 each, Moleskin- 2 each, Standard 3/4-inch Bandage- 12 each, Triangular Bandage- 1 each, 3-Inch Elastic Wrap- 1 each, 1-inch by 10 yard Self-Adherent Wrap- 2 each, 2-inch Gauze Roll- 2 each, 1/2-inch Tape Roll- 2 each, Precut Foam Pad- 4 each. SPECIALTY ITEMS: Nitrile Gloves- 4 each, Tongue Depressor- 4 each, Folding Scissor- 1 each, Tweezer- 1 each, Irrigation Bulb- 1 each, Eye Cup - 1 each, Safety Pin- 2 each, Forehead Thermometer- 1 each, 6-inch by 6-inch Resealable Bag- 4 each, Garbage Bag- 2 each. SPECIALTY TREATMENT: Acetaminophen (APAP) 2-pack- 6 each, Ibuprofen 2-pack- 6 each, Electrolyte 2-pack- 6 each, Decongestant 2-pack- 6 each, Antacid 2-pack- 6 each, Sting Care Wipe- 4 each, After-Dive Ear Drops- 1 each. INSTRUCTION/FORMS: Accident Report Form- 1 each, First Aid Manual (Red)- 1 each.


- Treat and clean minor wounds
- Stop serious bleeding
- Secure broken bones and sprains
- Treat heat exhaustion, pain relief, minor maladies, insect stings
- Includes Doctor Forgey's comprehensive First Aid manual

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