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Schutt F7 Youth Football Helmet
Schutt F7 Helmet - Youth

Schutt F7 Youth Football Helmet

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Schutt F7 Youth Helmet
Schutt Sports Part Number: 208500
Catalog Number: 208500
Availability: Normally ships within 1 - 15 business days *UPDATE* - HELMET ORDERS ARE TAKING CLOSER TO 60 DAYS DUE TO A WORLDWIDE RESIN SHORTAGE

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Parents, this is the best protection money can by for your football player.  While no helmet can completely prevent potential injury in a contact sports such as football, Schutt has put everything into the F7 youth helmet to minimize traumatic impacts. 

Schutt Youth F7 Football Helmet Features:
  • Tektonic Plate Technology strategically incorporated into the areas of the helmet that receive the highest number of impacts
  • Tektonic Plates (and the new, external TPU Cushion) improve the helmet’s performance against rotational forces and add an additional layer of impact absorption to the helmet
  • The Tektonic Plates move independently of the helmet shell, reacting in multiple directions to help better distribute the energy of an impact.
  • A larger, more comfortable jaw pad configuration - framing your face and creating a secure, “locked-in” fit inside the helmet
  • The Helmet Stabilization System increases the surface contact area creating a more secure, comfortable fit.
  • The high performance, impact foam is wrapped in soft, durable and comfortable fireman’s leather.
  • The internal and external stabilizers add strength and reinforce the ear flap.
  • The Rapid Release System reduces the number of attachment points on the helmet to three.
  • The Rapid Release System features our patented Twist Release Nose Bumper as well as two Quarter Turn Releases on the side
  • You can attach or take off a faceguard with two small turns of a screwdriver and a twist!
  • We’ve engineered Flexural Resistance areas into the F7 helmet shell
  • The back shelf and temporal side wings improve the overall strength and durability of the shell in critical locations.
  • These design features improve impact absorption and allow us to increase TPU Cushioning in those areas
  • Most Comfortable Helmet Made
  • Hard Cup Chin Strap (choose color)
  • Made in the USA!

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