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Schutt Youth Lightweight Rib Football Vest
Schutt Youth Lightweight Rib Football Vest
Protect your ribs with the Schutt Lightweight Youth Football Rib Protector Vest, so that you can stay in the game longer!  A shoulder pad, football helmet, or forearm to the rib area can take you out of the game and straight to the bench, but if you protect yourself properly, you'll be contributing to the team every play!  With advanced impact absorbing foam in bright yellow, you'll feel and look like the playmaker you are. Play harder, run faster, dig deeper on every play because lightweight and strong protection allows you to safely be your best football playing self.

Schutt Youth Lightweight Rib Football Vest

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  • Perforated fabric greatly improves airflow
  • Rib area is protected with High-Impact EVA foam
  • Adjustable straps secured by buckles
  • Hard Shell Outer Shield for high impact protection.
  • Size S-L
  • Model : 84100103

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