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Stack-On Portable Case w/Combination Lock
Stack-On Portable Case w/Combination Lock
Designed to secure a wallet, credit cards, cell phone or handgun for concealed-weapon permit holders during transit. Slim-line designed steel case slips into a briefcase, under a car seat or in your luggage for added security and peace of mind. Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.


- Foam interior protects the contents during transit.
- Includes 1,500 pound test steel cable which keeps the case secure when the cable is looped around any fixed object and through the cable slot in the body of the case. Locking the case keeps the cable in place. Cable is included.
- Case is secured with a 3 tumbler combination locking system. No keys.


- Exterior Dimensions: 9 1/2” Wide, 6 1/2" Depth, 1 3/4" Height
- Interior Capacity: All Storage
- Locking Points: 1
- Color: Black

Note: When storing firearms it is recommneded that cases be secured by mounting them to the a shelf, the floor, the wall or with a steel cable.

Stack-On Portable Case w/Combination Lock

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