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Surefire Molle  Clip For Helmet Light
Surefire Molle Clip For Helmet Light
The Helmet Light MOLLE clip lets you enjoy hands-free lighting from any SureFire Helmet Light without attaching the light to a helmet. The clip securely attaches to the webbing of any MOLLE or ALICE vest and features a ratcheting swivel arm that orients the Helmet Light in any of five positions from 0 to approximately 110. Helmet Light slides onto the clip's mount and locks in place in seconds slides off just as easily once the lock-release button has been depressed. Leave the clip permanently attached to your vest for quick transfers of your Helmet Light between your helmet and service vest, or attach to your vest as needed.


- Constructed from durable, lightweight polymer
- Quickly & securely attaches to vest webbing detaches in seconds
- Ratcheting swing arm enables five (5) different light positions
- Helmet Light quickly & easily locks onto and unlocks from clip

Color: Tan

Surefire Molle Clip For Helmet Light

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