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The Art of Duck Calling by Bill Dowdle
The best duck calling audio instruction ever produced.

The Art of Duck Calling by Bill Dowdle

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Best audio instruction for learning how to blow a duck call
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In an interview, Mr. Dowdle said, "A duck call in the hands of an inexperienced caller is the greatest tool of duck conservation known".

Bill Dowdle was several times winner of the Tennessee State Duck Calling Championship. He was named Tennessee's Outstanding Sportsman of the year and served as president of the West Tennessee Sportsman Association.

Mr. Dowdle learned the art of making duck calls with Chick Major of Stuttgart, AR, a legendary caller and call maker. Later, Mr. Dowdle produced two calls: the Susie Call and the Dowdle Call.
-excerpt from a Larry Rea article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal - June 24, 2000

In this audio recording, Mr. Dowdle actually teaches you the techniques of how to control air flow, and the sounds, rhythm and types of calls and when to use them. Most duck calling instructional recordings spend the bulk of the time showcasing the instructors abilities, but do not focus on actually teaching the techniques. You will enjoy this instructional duck calling audio file and can play it through your smart phone or mp3 player so you can practice anywhere!

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