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  • Under Armour Matte Batting Helmet

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    Under Armour Matte Batting Helmet
    Under Armour Adult Solid Matte Batting Helmet
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  • The UABH-100M batting helmet features a One Size Fits All dual density foam liner system
  • The liner is breathable, moisture wicking, and none of the padding blocks any of the large vent ports
  • Pony-tail channel built into padding for softball players
  • The shell, constructed from durable ABS plastic, has 12 large vent holes for maximum breathability
  • The shell is designed to deflect balls upon impact, provides extended cheek bone protection and coverage to protect a player’s brain stem in the back of the neck
  • Hardware is pre-mounted in the helmet making it ready to accept a batting helmet chin strap or batting helmet face guard
  • Lower batting helmet chinstrap snap is removable
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