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Weego 12V DC Adapter

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Your Price: $6.66
12V DC Adapter
Weego Part Number: JSFSA
Catalog Number: 90146110022
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
12V DC Adapter allows you to bring portable power to the campsite, dock, on board your boat, or on the road. It’s an essential accessory to Weego Jump Starter Battery+. Just connect the 12V DC Adapter to your Weego Jump Starter Battery+ 12V output and any 12V DC plug on air compressors, heaters, fans, camping appliances, lanterns, and more for instant power.


- Compatible with Weego Starter 44 and the Jump Starter Battery+ Heavy Duty (JS12) and Professional (JS18) models
- Convenient 3.5? long cable requires minimal storage
- Easy to use – just connect to Weego and the DC plug from the portable appliance


- 1 12V DC Adapter
- Owner’s Manual with Warranty

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