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Winchester Ammo USA 7.62x51 NATO 147gr FMJ /20
7.62x51 NATO 147gr Full Metal Jacket (Per 20)

Winchester Ammo USA 7.62x51 NATO 147gr FMJ /20

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7.62x51mm NATO USA, 147 Grains, Full Metal Jacket, Per 20
Winchester Ammo Part Number: Q3130
Catalog Number: Q3130
Availability: Back Ordered
Winchester USA centerfire rifle ammo is the ideal choice for training or extended sessions at the range and provides several bullet types that features rapid bullet expansion, ultra high velocity, pin point accuracy. Jacket and core toughness vary according to caliber and weight of bullet.


- Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
- Bullet Weight: 147 Grains
- Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
- Quantity: Per 20

Ballistic Information:

- Muzzle Velocity: 2800 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 2562 ft lbs

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