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  6. Winchester Archery Blaze SS Crossbow w/3X Scope Pkg
Winchester Archery Blaze SS  Crossbow w/3X Scope Pkg
Winchester Archery Blaze SS Crossbow w/3X Scope Pkg

Winchester Archery Blaze SS Crossbow w/3X Scope Pkg

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Blaze SS Crossbow Package
Winchester Archery Part Number: 202155RBP13X
Catalog Number: 202155RBP13X
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Sleek and mighty, sporting black-anodized aluminum and Proveil Reaper Buck camo, the Blaze is a big game slaying powerhouse. With a very narrow 17.5 axle-to-axle width this is a tight-quarters hunting machine that provides plenty of lateral mobility whether you hunt from a ground blind or tree stand. The Blaze utilizes 155 lbs. of draw weight that transforms to 102 ft. lbs. of raw potential kinetic energy. Whats that mean It means that when the patent pending Ultra-Match trigger is actuated, the caliper jaws that retain the bow string harnessing this force, will open and launch the bolt with blazing speeds of 325 fps. The ambidextrous safety and an anti dry-fire system that prevents the trigger from being pulled without an arrow in place makes it the safest crossbow trigger ever. Built for comfort and increased accuracy the Blaze bears a high-positioned padded cheek piece, and strategically designed foregrip. This well-balanced platform makes shooting the Blaze a real pleasure. Limbsavers®, mounted between our composite split limbs, paired with string speedsters and dual carbon rod Sudden-Stop string dampeners parallel the three quiet touch areas which almost eliminate the shot noise and any vibration. Power, performance, and speed make the Winchester Blaze a force to be reckoned with.

Blaze Includes:

- Speedsters
- Limb Savers
- Matching Quiver with offset bracket
- Winchester Archery Hat
- WXB-3: 3X Multi Reticle


- Speed: 325+ fps
- Draw Weight: 155 lbs
- Power Stro

ke: 12.5"
- Axle to Axle: 17.5"
- Kinetic Energy: 102 ft lbs

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