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  6. Winchester Archery Stallion SS Crossbow w/3X illum Pkg
Winchester Archery Stallion SS  Crossbow w/3X illum Pkg
Winchester Archery Stallion SS Crossbow w/3X illum Pkg

Winchester Archery Stallion SS Crossbow w/3X illum Pkg

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Stallion SS Crossbow Package
Winchester Archery Part Number: 201165RBP2
Catalog Number: 201165RBP2
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The mighty Winchester Stallion SS is the most powerful bow in our line. With 165 lbs. of draw weight that harnesses some 115+ ft. lbs. of potential kinetic energy, the Stallion has enough punch to knock down any giant. Fortified with raw power, this crossbow holsters an all black anodized aluminum rail and riser that creates a ultra fine precision platform which contributes to the consistent tight grouping of your shots at longer distances. The beautifully styled stock with padded pistol grip, forearm grip and cushioned cheekpiece begs to be handled and one shot will convince you that this is the finest crossbow ever built. As quiet as a church mouse, we put the Stallion up against any crossbow on the market for sound. The sophisticated dual 3K carbon rod string stop system, make this the quietest shooting bow ever to be available. At only 17 from axle to axle, youll be able to hunt in any tight confines, whether on the ground or in a tree, theres plenty of 360 mobility with the Stallion and the retractable cocking stirrup and bull-pup stock configuration which makes it super compactable to carry or store. The Stallions patent-pending Ultra Match stainless steel trigger system with its no-creep mechanism provides smooth actuation and better control. When you add all of these prestigious features and throw in the handsome and stylish appearance of the Stallion, you have the beauty and the beast all in one. If you think you can corral this Stallion, think again...the Winchester Stallion is one mighty crossbow.

Stallion Includes:

- Speedsters
- Limb Savers
- Matching Quiver with offset bracket
- Winchester Archery Hat
- Dual Sudden Stop String Dampeners
- WXB-Illuminator: 3x Illuminated Reticle


- Speed: 340+ fps
- Draw Weight: 165 lbs
- Power Stroke: 12.5"
- Axle to Axle: 17.5"
- Kinetic Energy: 115+ ft lbs

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