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Wise Foods Everlasting-Vegetable HeirloomSeedBucket

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Everlasting-Vegetable HeirloomSeedBucket
Wise Foods Part Number: 01-611MV
Catalog Number: 851238005882
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Wise Company is excited to have a bucket that can keep you in food that can last forever. These heirloom seeds can produce plants that can grow plants from their seeds year after year. It also is a selection you can use today to grow your own organic food or for after any disaster, be it civil break down or the zombie attacks.


- Heirloom Seed Bucket
- Non-Hybrid
- Non-GMO
- Not chemically treated
- Will make garden almost three quarters of an acre

Seed List

- Bean Bush Blue Lake Bush 435 Seeds
- Beet Detroit Dark Red 419 Seeds
- Bloomsdale Long Standing 882 Seeds
- Cabbage Golden Acre 2469 Seeds
- Carrot Scarlet Nantes 6702 Seeds
- Corn Golden Bantam 750 Seeds
- Cucumber Marketmore 76 353 Seeds
- Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Cos 2822
- Pea, Lincoln 445 Seeds
- Pepper Sweet Yolo Wonder L 705 Seeds
- Radish Champion 882 Seeds, Spinach
- Seeds Onion Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish 2822 Seeds
- Squash Summer Zucchini Black Beauty 81 Seeds
- Squash Winter Waltham Butternut 109 Seeds
- Swiss Chard Lucullus 328 Seeds
- Tomato Rutgers VF 1764 Seeds

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