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When I try to checkout, my order will not complete and I get error messages about my credit card. 

This occurs usually when the street number and/or zip code do not match what the Address Verification System has on file as the billing address of your credit card.  You should contact your bank or credit card issuer to verify the billing address on file.  This situation often occurs when you have moved or changed addresses within the last several months.

I did not receive an Onscreen confirmation for my order.

If after clicking the “Process Order” button you never receive an onscreen confirmation, please check to see if you receive an email with your order confirmation.  Almost always we have received the order information, but due to busy network traffic, the confirmation screen hangs up and is not returned onscreen.  You should still receive an email confirming your order within minutes of placing the order.  If you do not receive this email confirmation, please contact us.

I did not receive an email confirmation for my order.

This usually occurs because the email address was typed incorrectly or contained a typo or error.  Please contact us to confirm that we received your order.