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Mojo King Mallard
Mojo King Mallard

Mojo King Mallard

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Mojo Outdoors King Mallard
Mojo Outdoors Part Number: HW2460
Catalog Number: HW2460
UPC: 816740003801
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Mojo Outdoors brings forth the new Mojo King Mallard as the greatest advancement in motion/spinning wing decoys since their invention.  With a structural design that truly makes sense, the King Mallard is made with the motor, transmission, power supply and body attached to a structural support frame which is directly attached to the mounting pole.  How many times have you broken the peg off your spinning wing decoy trying to either get the pole on or off of the decoy?  With this design, that should no longer be an issue.  The new design also makes the King Mallard smoother, quieter and faster.  Mojo claims they have the most "user friendly" spinning wing decoy with this design.

  • Quiet, flexible body
  • Cam lock support pole
  • Built-in remote receiver
  • Drop-in rechargeable battery
  • Solid component housing connects motor and wings directly to the support pole
  • Nothing supported by the decoy body
  • Entire housing easily removed from body

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